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Creative visual and web designer
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Custom Visual Design That Exceeds Your Expectations

I funded my passageway from the gulf shores of Kemah, Texas to the rolling hills of Austin after sold my beloved 1983 VW Vanagon. The moment I arrived, kismet seemed to take the helm.

Soon, I found myself surrounded by a massive art and music community. We joined forces and created multimedia experiences for the masses. These creative collaborations defined who I am today.

In my life as a design professional, working with a creative team is inspiring. I love brainstorming sessions, learning from one another, and initiating vast communication goals.

I can craft and elevate your creative vision into a project that you will be proud of.

Guiding You Each Step of the Way

I create organic user experiences. It is important to know your audience. Whether your goal is a successful business, a communications campaign, or designing a web presence, the very first steps you take is identifying who you are speaking to.

As you define what you want to covey and to whom; you will begin to see a measure of success that organically grew from your first step of targeting an audience.

Your audience, in turn, shapes your brand identity and message.

With over a decade of studying art and design, I take your message and/or goal and implement clean and modern design approaches.

There is a sense of humming that unfolds when you experience great design. That is the sweet spot I aim for on all creative projects. Digital and tangible. Personal and professional.



Clients often tell me they have put off creating or updating their website presence because it seems overwhelming and expensive.

Most people who come to us have no idea what to expect from the website design process. I would like to alleviate these unknowns by sharing an infographic I have created.




Modern day design tools & trends

Building with WordPress since 2008.
Divi geek since 2016.

visual DESIGN Consulting


information architechture

WordPress & divi development

Adobe Creative suite

business identity

Social media IDentity & maintenance

visual Communications Experiences

User Interface Design

Infographic Design



Modern day design tools & trends

Building with WordPress since 2008.
Divi geek since 2016.

“Carrie's creativity and focused attention to detail pair together so nicely and bring a wonderful aesthetic and strong functionality.”

Elayne Crain

Founder, Austin Sugarworks

“Carrie was easy to communicate with, and even provided me with tutorials and videos that will be helpful for me down the road.”

Carol Lynne

Publisher, Quillence Communicaitons

“She listened to our concerns and was very creative in her solutions to those concerns. We now have a website we are proud of. Thanks, Carrie!"

Bob McCain

Owner, McCain Custom Remodeling

“Reliable, professional, and truly embraces the desire to maintain the client’s vision. Our product was beyond what we initially conceptualized.”

Dr. Giao Phan

Dean, Education Instruction, ACC



A toolbox of design principles

A good visual designer understands the fundamentals of design principles. A great designer knows how to tie those elements into thoughtfully engaging concepts.

Designing with Adobe Creative Suite since 2007.

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