The 10 Commandments of Visual Communication are a continuation of an infographic series featuring the works of Evan Brown. His designs follow many of the principles he outlines.


The color layout is unique because Evan has taken an opportunity to be playful with his color palette. The trip-around-the-color-wheel approach in this 10 Commandments series unifies and brands the design collection.


Without order and continuity in design, there is chaos. Using the column grid layout choice demands a sense of order and is easy for a user to follow.


The line is where all illustration begins. Lines are fascinating because of the simplicity of what they are, meets the intensity of the human emotions they evoke. Horizontal lines represent a sense of calm, stability and mimic nature’s edge of the horizon. While diagonal lines work to give you a sense of movement and energy. In this design, Evan has used vertical lines. Unlike the mellow horizontal line, vertical lines give you a natural sense of standing up, standing high. This creates a sense of alertness and strength.

Thanks again to Designmantic for allowing these to be shareable on all websites via embed. I’ll continue to share more. They are beautiful and brilliant.

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