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The Website Design Process

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Infographics, Visual Communication, Web Design | 0 comments

If you are getting started as a Freelance Designer, I have provided an infographic outlining what you would tell clients to expect. It is so important to follow all these steps.

If you aren’t an SEO master, hire one. Factor that into your cost. It’s hard to wear all the hats, but if you follow the formula and sub-contract based on your skill level, you will be on your way to a professional web design and development career.

The Website Design Process

1. Discovery

The discovery phase is all about a getting to know you and your business. Who are customers? What is your goal? How will we define success? What are the best communication strategies for you?

2. Planning

Here we will establish a timeline, outline a visual sitemap of your website, present wireframe page layouts and plan a deliverable strategy for your website content and images.

3. Design

Based on your sitemap and wireframe feedback, we present a series of design comps for you. This gives you a sense of the overall look and feel of your website pre-development.

4. Development

Once you have approved your design, we begin our development phase. This is the unique build or web development of your brand new site design.

5. Launch

After running testing and optimization through various browsers and devices, we set up your proper website hosting options. Now your site is launched, ready to share with the world!

6. Maintenance

Much like a car or a home, a long-term plan to maintain the health of your website is essential. Leave it to the professionals to provide security updates, backups, and content management.

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