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Top 10 Lorem Ipsum Generators

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Design Tips, Layout, Typography | 0 comments

Lorem Ipsum is the industry standard way of pre-populating your web project with placeholder text. It’s Latin gobbly-gook that gives you and your client a general idea of where web copy will go within a layout.

It’s formal and it does a great job. But, what if you want to funk up your placeholder copy a bit? Enter the works of alternative Lorem Ipsum generators. They can be fun; they can be weird. Consider the vibe of your project and the personality of your client, and then shake up things up a bit. You can also just share them with your other nerdy design friends.


1. 90’s Ipsum

Oh, the 90’s. The follow-up decade to the decadent 80’s, a major sea change rippled into both the music and the culture. Here’s a fun way to flashback to a time spent untethered to technology, and showing love to your friends through mix-tapes instead of emoji’s.

90's Ipsum


2. Cat Ipsum

Cat people, rejoice! This Lorem Ipsum is a cute glimpse into the day in the life of your fabulous feline. As the creators of Cat Ipsum would say, “Litter your copy with more kitty.” After all, they are the masters of all that they survey.

cat ipsum

3. Hillbilly Ipsum

You can almost hear the Deliverance soundtrack cue up when visiting the bizarre world of this Ipsum. Sometimes you gotta keep it creepy, and this one will do the trick.

hillbilly ipsum

4. Bob Ross Ipsum

Fun fact: Bob Ross rose to the ranks of a Master Sargent during an 18-year career in the U.S. Air Force. After discovering a love for painting, he jumped into a wormhole that erased all former aggression and became the calming star of The Joy of Painting.

bob ross ipsum

5. Hodor Ipsum

Winter is coming! If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you may know what to expect out of this Ipsum. “The Door”, one of the best and most heartbreaking GOT episodes ever.

hodor ipsum

6. Sagan Ipsum

Dive into cosmo speak with this verbal nebula. Beautiful lines taken out of Carl Sagan’s best-selling book Cosmos, take a trip into your outer-conscious-awareness and awaken your deepest unearthly contemplations.

sagan ipsum

7. Hipster Ipsum

I’m pretty sure nobody self-identifies as a hipster. But, if you are currently snug in your high-waist skinny jeans and sipping on some homemade cold brew, this one will hit close to home.

8. TV Ipsum

Catchy theme songs and laugh track sitcoms go hand in hand, don’t they? Drive yourself mad by getting one of these golden-age-of-television tunes stuck in your head. “Believe it or not I’m walking on air for a 3-hour tour, a 3-hour tour…”

tv ipsum

9. Pirate Ipsum

What is a pirate’s favorite instrument? Guit-ARR! Oh, that was silly. What is not silly is the amazing web and visual design elements put into creating the Pirate Ipsum website. If you happen to be going through a pirate faze, or really appreciate great design, you must check this one out.

pirate ipsum

10. DeLorean Ipsum

This Back to the Future-inspired Ipsum really lit my flux capacitor. It’s a GitHub project that generates sample text from the actual Back to the Future movie script. Get your 80’s nostalgia on with McFly, Doc, and the rest of the gang.

delorean ipsum

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